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Big Board Game Day

On Friday 29th May 2016,  the school took part in the NSPCC’s Big Board Game Day Event! Pupils raised money for the cause through a non-uniform day with the theme of superheroes and movie characters and with a competition to guess how many dice were in the jar. On the day itself, the classes played a huge variety of games in their classrooms! Years 5 and 6 went into the hall to play games that they are perhaps not too familiar with. This proved massively successful with every child leaving the day with a new favourite game! There was also a Tumblin’ Dice Open Challenge, where competitors had to roll/flick their dice down the board to get the highest scores! After a few rounds, whoever was left standing was the winner!


All in all it was a fantastic day where pupils were engaged, developing their social and communication skills and raised a total of £314.50 for the NSPCC!


Until next year......